CSR initiatives for Corporates

With the passage of the Companies Act, 2013 the mandate for corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been formally introduced to the dashboard of the Boards of Indian companies. The practice of CSR is not new to companies in India. However, what this Act does is bring more companies into the fold. What is clear to many companies is that if this increased spending is to achieve results on the ground – which is the intent of the Act – then it needs to be done strategically, systematically and thoughtfully.

Neurosynaptic actively engages with Corporates for their CSR initiatives. With its several NGO Partners, Neurosynaptic provides the perfect platform for a Corporate to implement a sustainable Public Health CSR program. You can download a concept note here which explains the range of activities Neurosynaptic undertakes for ground level public health improvement.

If you are a corporate wanting to engage in meaningful CSR activities creating significant ground level impact in the healthcare, or a consultant advising Corporates on their CSR activities, we invite you to reach out to us. Please write to us at csr@neurosynaptic.com or contact us at +91-80-4131-3168 for more information.

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